351. Do you have a cell phone (mobile) ?:
352. Telephone:
353. Mobile (auto):
354. How much has been the most that you have been in a bathroom (shower and / or tub) ?:
355. Have you been robbed ?:
356. How many candles on your last birthday cake ?:
357. Do you know the 10 commandments ?:
358. Do you know any religious song ?:
359. What name would you like to have ?:
360. What or who do you have a desktop background ?:
361. What mask or skin do you use on your MP3 player or what you listen to ?:
362. Are you afraid of storms ?:
363. Did you know that 2 + 2 is not necessarily 4 ?:
364. Has something supernatural happened to you ?:
365. Did you know that there are women who were cursed with the name Scholastica ?:
366. Has it happened to you that you walk barefoot and stick on your little toe with a corner?
367. Do you have sheets with cartoons ?:
368. What name do you have for the recycling bin ?:
369. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone ?:
370. What did you do last night ?:
371. What was the last CD you bought ?:
372. Do you want a tricky question ?:
373. Have you answered anything, here it goes If man was made in the likeness of God, where did he get the model for the woman ?:
374. Movie phrase that has impacted you:
375. Have you ever answered a questionnaire with so many questions ?:
376. Did you know that 99% of the statistics are wrong ?:
377. If you were to die at this moment, would you have any remorse ?:
378. What do you expect or want to do before dying ?:
379. Would you like to kill the creator of this questionnaire ?:
380. Do you think this is the most absurd thing in the world ?:
381. Did you know that the most idle among the idlers are the artists ?:
382. Did you know that thanks to the Europeans who arrived here
many of the diseases that struck native peoples?
383. Are you still sleepy ?:
384. Have you scared to see you one morning in the mirror ?:
385. What is the first thing you do when you wake up ?:
386. Now ... what do you think about the person who created this questionnaire?
387. What is the longest letter you have made on the Internet ?:
388. Who do you think will answer this questionnaire ?:
389. Did you know that sitting in front of the computer for a long time is harmful to your health ?:
390. What clock brand do you currently have ?:
391. Did you know that ... They bite, they bite the mosquitoes, they bite with great dissimulation, some stings in the face and they sting in the ... ass? :
392. When was your last clinic visit ?:
393. What color is the carpet in your bedroom?
394. Where do you see yourself in 10 years ?:
395. Who of your friends lives farther:
396. How many rings before answering the phone ?:
397. Something you always wear and never get it ?:
398. A cabal:
399. What's on the walls of your bedroom ?:
400. What's under your bed ?:
401. 2 or 4 doors ?:
402. The Best Party you've been in this year:
403. The Worst Nightmare You've Had:
404. More Tragic Sleep You've Had:
405. Some ridiculous message for those who are going to answer this:
406. The best place where you have gone on vacation:
407. Words to vent:
408. What was the last thing you ate ?:
409. If you were a crayon, what color would you be ?:
410. Where do you plan to go on your honeymoon ?:
411. What do you eat your ice cream with ?:
412. What is the next CD that you will buy ?:
413. Favorite month ?:
414. What is your favorite drink ?:
415. Last movie you saw ?:
416. What books are you reading ?:
417. When will you have children ?:
418. Do you like to drive fast ?:
419. What's on the stereo of your car right now ?:
420. Have you ever taken so much that you even lost consciousness ?:
421. Have you ever missed classes just because it was raining ?:
422. Did you clean your room ?:
423. Wash clothes:
424. You drove:
425. How much time back from the U / School to home ?:
426. Do you have broadband and can you be on the internet all day or do you have a stopwatch ?:
427. What grade did you get the last time you did well on a test ?:
428. Do you have your albums and MP3s ordered, or made into chaos ?:
430. Did you know that menstruating women are unclean according to the bible ?:
431. And did you know that according to the Muslims when a man dies, in paradise he is given angels to whom he can "unite" (in Castilian worship, copulate) as many times as he fasted in Ramadan ?:
432. What brand of pencils do you use ?:
433. In which supermarket do you buy the merchandise ?:
434. Do you have a case for your computer ?:
435. Did you know that 1 out of 4 people suffer from a disorder in their head? :
436. Is it correct to say that half of 2 + 2 is 3 ?:
437. What would you say if you knew that I had a very good question and I forgot ?:
439. Did you know that the Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islamism) are misogynist religions ?:
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