302. Are you aware that there are still many more questions to answer ?:
303. What do you think about the person posting this ?:


304. How do you feel today ?:
305. What's next to you ?:
306. How are you dressed ?:
307. Are you sleepy ?:
308. In what (or who) do you think at this moment, outside of the questionnaire ?:
309. What color is your underwear today?
310. Do you have the laces of what you wear on your feet well tied ?:
312. You are talking to someone:


313. What is the weirdest name you've heard ?:
314. Did you get a cockroach (or something similar) on the hamburger or the soda ?:
315. What are you going to do after completing the questionnaire ?:
316. How much do you think before answering ?:
317. Who would you list or do you have ?:
318. Have you ever broken a bone ?:
319. Cantas in the shower ?:
320. Something that does not support:
321. Did you go to Africa ?:
322. Did you go to Europe ?:
323. Did you go to Asia ?:
324. Did you go to Oceania ?:
325. Did you go to North America ?:
326. Did you go to Central America ?:
327. Did you go to the Caribbean ?:
328. Did you go to South America ?:
329. After so many "no's", have you left the country where you live ?:
330. How many times did you suspend your driving test ?:
331. What would you change in your life ?:
332. What would you leave as is ?:
333. If you could be someone else ?:
334. Who do you hate from your living room ?:
335. If you had to choose 3 people from the classroom, who would you choose ?:
336. What do you appreciate most about life ?:
337. What phobia do you have? :
338. Would you like to live until age ?:
339. What do you think about when you wake up ?:
340. What do you think about when you wake up ?:
342. Time you take to fix yourself:
343. How much is the most you have been talking on the phone ?:
344. What is the most disgusting thing you've seen live ?:
345. If a UFO kidnaps you, what would you say ?:
346. Have UFOs kidnapped you ?:
347. You are superstitious:
348. How much time are you having breakfast alone ?:
349. How much time do you have breakfast with company ?:
350. What do you think about during the journey to your home or school or whatever, besides the immortality of the crab ?:
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