193. Do you think it's good to keep responding ?:
194. What do you think of your mom:
195. And your dad:
196. The worst feeling in the world:
197. The best feeling in the world:
198. Who do you consider the forum special ?:
199. Who do you think is mysterious about the forum ?:
Many people
200. Who do you think is the funniest of the forum ?:
201. The most pajero (a) of the forum O.o ?:
202. Crazy and simple + person that you know about the forum:
203. The glass, half full or half empty ?:
204. What do you think about death ?:
205. Do you believe in God ?:
206. What do you think about porn movies ?:
207. What do you think of gays ?:
208. What do you think about lesbians ?:
209. Political Tendency:
210. What do you think about the Ouija board ?:
211. What do you think about "Celebrity Death Match" ?:

212. In you same:
213. In your friends:
214. In the destination:
215. In Angeles:
216. In Ghosts:
217. Polytheist or monotheistic ?:
218. Your religion:
219. Do you think that the human being has overcome the mercantilist stage of the economy ?:
220If you go in a race and you go to the second position?
221. Who can assure you that this is not a television series and you are not the central character or a secondary character ?:
222. Did you understand the previous question ?:
223. What makes you think that there is not someone looking at you right now ?:
224. What is according to you the worst thing that could have happened to this world ?:
225. Do you believe in extraterrestrial intelligent life ?:
226. Do you think that the human being is a stupid or intelligent being ?:
227. What are you listening to now ?:
228. date and time:


230. Platonic love:
231. What do you look for in the opposite sex ?:
232. Did you like some friend of yours?
233. Would you give a passionate kiss to the user above?:
234. And you would give a passionate kiss to someone from the forum:
235. Are you in love ?:
236. Short or long hair?
240. With money or without money:
241. Earrings in the ear:
244. Does any boy round your thoughts ?:
245. What is your name ?:
246. What song would you dedicate to it ?:
247. Normal panties or thong:
248. Painted or unpainted nails:
249. Normal or sports bra:
250. Quiet and mysterious or sexy and wild:
251. Pijilla or rapper:
252. Short or long hair:
253. Long or short nails:
254. Good or bad girl:
255. Stuffed or thin:
256. Loose or loose hair:
257. High or low:
258. Curly or smooth hair:
259. Leather or white brunette:
260. With freckles or without freckles:
261. Girl in party or rather quiet plan:
262. Launched or timid:
263. Blonde or brunette ?:
264. Any girl round your thoughts ?:
265. What is your name ?:
266. What song would you dedicate ?:
267. What person have you wanted like never before ?:
268. Do you feel fear when you start wanting someone ?:
269. What do you think of your partner ?:
270. What do you feel about an impossible love ?:
271. Have you ever had an impossible love ?:
272. Were you in love ?:
273. Where do you like to be kissed ?:
274. Do you like blind dates ?:
275. Are you sensitive ?:
276. What is the perfect woman / man for you ?:
277. What do you want to say to the person you love with such passion ?:
278. What do you want to say to the person who loves you with such passion ?:
279. Do you like to talk about love ?:
280. Have you been able to raise someone with a boyfriend ?:
281. Have you profaned ?:
282. What attracts you most, a person of the opposite sex, of your same sex, a pipeline,
283. Have you taught someone to kiss ?:
284. What do you prefer, that someone conquer your heart, or that you conquer theirs ?:
285. The Person you have LOVED most in all the time you have lived ?:
286. The most beautiful person (or), regia (o) that you have known:
287. You are capable of loving a person so much that you would come to give your life for him / her:
288. If you are pololeando, and your best friend (or) tries to take away your pololo (a) what would you do ?:
289. Favorite place to be with your partner (pololo [a]) ?:
290. You ... if you had to choose between your BEST friend or your pololo (a) ...:
291. If your polo (a) is going to live very far away from you, and you could only see each other during the holidays, would you continue with him or would you finish everything ?:
292. Have you dreamed of that person you love more than once ?:
293. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex ?:
294. Kisses or hugs?
295. How do you want to have sex ?:
296. Did you ever want to hang out with a friend (A) ?:
297. You were in love (A) with a teacher (A):
298. You prefer courtship or free:
300. What do you listen to now:
301. Date and time:
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