Old members info

Hi, saw this after years and read ppl were wondering about old users of the former site, thought i contribute with information i remember from then in csse it can help some of you contact old chat buddies: name/username legend
Mike (note); gunner (adrenalinejunkie); Aoife (sweetdespair); john (love emo girls); nilufar (evania); pontus (red scarab); ben (sillysammich); wouter (solyos); raphael (shadowlord); anthony (antlet); amanda (sexykitty); daimen (shadowwolf), michael (idunnoman); nick (seeuinvalhalla); drew (emodad); mara (xxmaraxx); alice (realaliceisdead); jade (memogirl); samantha (ssmith); valor (dakotasodaa); desmond; jack (anonymous);  (dezman); cole (silence). Other users not quite sure of the nicknames. (Powell; valkyrie, nyon; marc, lily, jessishakitteh, 
Rudd, lizziepanda, soso, ecopoisonx, dread, darkprince, stanky, blinkaa, hearthealer, sam, oli, kayleigh, evemoxx, seph, autumnfalls)

Share in case it helps, with regards. Dario nightcat.


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