I haven't seen this site in many many years.

I remember Extremeaddict (I nicknamed him Maddict cause I'm fucking retarded and read it that way) lol. But yeah, it's been a long time. The old chat was a blast. Alot of stuff happened in my life since then as it does us all. Something compelled me to lookup the site again. Check in if it was still alive. *le sigh* lol. It's really a throwback to all the people I met here and how that chat played a decent role in my life. I'm going by a completely different name now on here for reasons but. Hello! I'm IHAB! Call me Ian (pronounce however you want, just a madeup name for here). If I do any posts it'll be writings. I wouldn't considered myself "emo" but recently I was thinking of an ex from about two years ago that had that aesthetic. Funny how you miss someone in the past (no matter how toxic they were for you) because your present is pretty shite too. I hope everyone has a good night. And remember, Integrity, Honesty, Adaptability, I forgot what the B means lol. Basically, don't be a prick to people. 


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