About Myself

I'm an emo 15 year old male. Some of my interests are playing Xbox One, on games like Call of Duty, Minecraft, GTAV, and more. My favorite bands are Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch, and Green Day. I enjoy horror and listening to music. I'm a misunderstood kid without any friends, because everyone I've ever met I don't have anything in common with them. I suppose this is sort-of a last resort for me, because I didn't know where to turn. My life is pretty boring, and it's hard to have friends that you don't share many interests with. Anyway, I live in South Carolina and if anyone in the area wants to meet that'd be cool. If not I have Xbox and Spotify.

Xbox: Rustled Me Jims
Spotify: rustledmejims                                                    \m/
Twitch: rustledmejims

Btw I'm kinda depressed and have really bad anxiety, as cliche as that sounds.


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  • IHAB
    Green Day is a solid band (I prefer their earliest albums) Avenged Sevenfold too. You don't need to have anything in common with people to be friends mate. My best friend became my best friend because we got into a bloody fist fight lol. Then in the principals office we both understood how retarded the principal was and we were both getting suspended for 2 weeks. And thus we busted out laughing and from that day forth we have been best friends. And life is going to be boring at that age, life is in general sometimes. Of course there's more to you but, play your strong suits, and play them right. Pickup a hobby like playing cards. That's how I spent my middle school life and part of highschool, poker.
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