no one understands me

Everyday I go to school and they make me learn things i don't want to learn. I DONT NEED TO KNOW THE FUCKING CAPITAL OF SURINAME!?!??!?!?  Everyone in my choir class just sits there and plays with their slime and does each others hair AND IM LIKE EXCUSE ME YOU SIGNED UP FOR THIS CLASS??? ACT LIKE YOU WANT TO BE HERE? and i used to be in theater and it was the best years of my life because i could finally be around people who actually cared about something. And this morning i see that someone i knew from theater left to go to california and now shes going to be on tv while I'm just sitting here HAVING TO DO THINGS I HATE. IF MY FRIENDS KNEW IM SECRETLY EMO THEY WOULD LEAVE ME AND I JUST NEED TO EXPRESS MYSELF BUT I STILL NEED FRIENDS. 


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  • the_raven
    edited February 2017
    1) Being ignorant is not a good idea, trust me, I went through this and now I'm actually glad I did listen in school (though it was mostly because I was too bored to do anything else). It's so nice when people actually respect you for your knowledge, skills, and wisdom - way better than for trivial things like hair, car, cellphone, or whatever.
    2) Are you sure they signed up willingly? Maybe their parents forced them to? Either way, if their 'performance' doesn't affect the choir overall, don't worry about them. Nor should you anyway since there's a teacher\ conductor who's getting paid to worry about such things (in case he's not interested in actually educating the youth of today).
    3) Why d'you quit theatre if it made you so happy? Why not return to theatre, or to some other theatre?
    4) Aye, don't be jealous of your friend. Sure, it's easy to envy the fact they got to go to LA, but you never know how their 'career' will turn out. What if some crazy fan stabs them for a lump of hair, you thought of that? Not something to be jealous of, now is it?
    5) Just wait and go to LA when you're old\ determined enough. Take a bus, or jump train, or something! No need to have a lot of money to get there (since you'll need money once you get there to pay rent until you find yourself a job of any kind). But personally, I think NYC is way better, the people are nicer, you get to actually tell the seasons apart, and there's just so much culture!
    6) What kind of friends are those? If they'd abandon you, then you're better off anyway. Make some real friends instead. I know it can be hard, but it helps build up character ;)
  • IHAB
    *Reads the first few lines*
    *Wants to slap the arrogant out of this kid*
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