Who remembers the old Admins?

Admin Josh, back from the joomla site
curious if any of my old running buddies ever come back here?
what up dracony?
when you gonna have the chat up?


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  • CodeX
    Awwwwww Navi. Such harsh feelings torwards someone who you havnt seen in at least 5 years? Im a changed man i swear. I work like 11 hours a day. ~Collat3ralDamag3 I've also got a vBulletin license id be willing to share at no cost. I want to see this place alive again just as you do.
  • IHAB
    This is really strange for me seeing all these names I recognise. Navi, CodeX, raven, Logan of course, Muffin. Has it really been that long...? Jesus H motherwhoring christ. I remember Mod Mike and I didn't get along so he had it pushed for me to get temp banned lol.
  • dracony
    Well haven't seen anybody so far =(
    good to have you back though. As for the chat, we first need to bring some more users in, ootherwise it's going to be all empty again )))

    Whats the biggest hangout atm? I could try sneakily sharing a link to the site there)
  • joshrd
    If you build it, they are more likely to come. (chat)
    It wouldn't hurt to post there, shouldn't be an issue.

    But a forum only site has much less draw than a good chat site.
    I didn't come to the site to read the poetry, I came to speak with other wounded souls.
    Not to be to cheesy, but for realz.
    anyway, I may pop in and out periodically, best of luck reviving the site.

    I first started two chatbox formats ago,
    became a mod, then admin under the last one.
    Mike, Amanda, the Super troll: C011ateral Damage
    brings back memories...

  • Navi
    edited September 2016
    I hope my memories are good memories, Glad you still think of me sometimes. And I agree with Josh, There are not many good chats out there (I've looked) They're either over populated or dead. so if you have a chat up it will attract more people because let's be honest not many come for the forums. We want the conversations with other people like ourselves.

    P.S. Please don't go looking for CD we don't need him back here.
  • Navi



    Extremaddict It's a post, ya know. people post on forums. :)
  • ChoiYungjeh
    I just come back now to find the site changed. Its been months, holy crap.

    Anyways, hi guys, Mod Kisa reporting for duty ;3 
  • Extremaddict
    edited November 2016
    @ Navi Yeah idk why I asked. It just looks much different from before lol 

    I wonder if Mike ever decides to come back.
  • DGsCreamKill
    edited December 2016
    hi every1

    @Extremaddict hi Logan, sometimes i do, but there's no chat

    i 'member u guys
  • ehyo
    if you dont mind, i found an easy to use chatsite, you can make the room(s) completely private like only accessible through a link(if that is how you want it). Making an account is very simple.
    Setting up a room is also very simple.
    And the rooms are very easy to manage.
  • the_raven
    Damn, it's been too long!
    I remember I was on emoforum back between around 2005 and 2008, or so, even got to be a mod for a while. Back then, my nickname was gheorghe (which is basically my name). Then I left for whatever reason, then I tried getting back, but it just wasn't the same.
    I remember Mod Mike, Admin (whose name I never found out),
    Shattered_glass, xEmoxNickyx (or whatever her nickname was), some Austrian
    chick by the name of Cate, some Bosnian girl called ChocoMuffin, and a
    bunch of other people whose nicknames I can't remember right now.
    So, this ain't that site anymore, I take it?
  • CodeX
    & im not a super troll anymore. I havnt trolled or hacked in many years. I have a baby girl now my bearded dragon & I mostly just work & watch movies/anime. I hope you guys can give me a second chance. If this place heats up again of course.
  • DGsCreamKill
    nightcat made a post of the old members: https://emoforum.org/discussion/62/old-members-info#latest

    if this site gets another chat, it might get another revival
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  • lord_nundin
    anyone remember me i used to be an admin then i took an arrow to the knee
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